Project Dare – TSP Projects/York Cares/NCOP

Seven students attended Project Dare as part of their on-going careers programme which consisted of two full day visits. The programme is designed to give our students information about the many different types of careers that are available to them and also to build on their skills and confidence. Here are two student accounts about Project Dare:

Alex Roper:

On the first day we went to York University and we are arranged into groups. We had an introduction which told us about the project brief, which we would be working on over the next two weeks. We had to design a layout plan for York’s new stadium at Monk’s Cross and then we were to present our ideas in front of the judges from TSP Projects and everyone else that was taking part in the project.

First we designed our layout plan, with our coach from TSP Projects and with a budget of £100,000,000. In our plans we had a pool, a sports centre, three restaurants, a big park, a car park, disabled parking and a hotel. We also had a cycle route from York train station to Monk’s Cross.

Halfway through the second day we presented our work and I really felt like I had stepped out of my comfort zone to do it but it went well. We then had a presentation from two site managers from Buckingham’s, who are actually building the stadium. These two people were apprentices so they told us a little about how they became apprentices too.

I thought the project was really good and I would tell other people about it and to go on it.

William Cockerill:

I wasn’t able to make it to the first day but I did attend the second day. On that day we visited TSP Project’s offices in York and made a PowerPoint presentation about a possible design for York’s new £100 million stadium that is being built. I met new people and stepped out of my comfort zone because I hadn’t been on the first day and everyone knew each other. Also I had to do a presentation about something that I hadn’t been involved in before that day. I was in a group with James and Farrah, who are TSP Project employees and Patrick from other school, who was mint.

Our design included one large stadium, a pool, a multi games facility, two hotels and various parks and a tram system, that connects Monk’s Cross to the city.

I really enjoyed the day and I would fully recommend it to anyone.

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