PSHCE Programme

As part of the College’s Personal, Social and Health Education programme, your son/daughter will soon receive a unit of lessons on relationships, sexual health and personal safety.

The purpose of the upcoming unit is to provide knowledge and understanding about safe and healthy relationships, based on love and respect. This is to encourage the eventual development of safe and healthy relationships in later life. The units will develop understanding and attitudes which will help students to form relationships in a responsible and healthy manner and to appreciate the value of stable family life, including the responsibilities of parenthood and marriage.

  • Year 7 – Healthy relationships
  • Year 8 – How my body is changing
  • Year 9 – Sexual ethics
  • Year 10 – Developing relationships.

Parents can withdraw their children from all or part of the sexual education that does not form part of the statutory National Curriculum. If you wish to withdraw your son/daughter from the lessons on sexual health and safe relationships, would you please return to me the-opt out slip below before the programme starts. Class teachers will begin the programme during the week beginning Monday 20 May 2019.

You are welcome to contact me to discuss the programme further.

Mr Graham
Assistant Principal

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