Chromebooks at CCW

We live in age where the speed of development and pace of change in technology is like lightening. We believe it is essential that young people are equipped, not just with the knowledge, but the skills of being able to use these new tools efficiently and effectively. Technology allows us to meet many of our learning principles by ensuring that students have opportunities for self-discovery and to develop the habits of responsible learners. We want students who are genuinely adaptable, problem solvers who can select the appropriate method, person, or device to help them overcome challenges and hurdles. Mastery of these tools and devices will be an essential skill for any future worker or leader. At Caedmon College we want students to work with the latest tools, both in and out of lessons and having access to a mobile device like a chromebook is a great way to make this learning process seamless. As such we offer the opportunity for students to purchase a device through a 1:1 scheme which can then be used both in and out of College.

Chromebooks are used increasingly throughout many schools as they offer usability and functionality at an affordable cost. With a full size keyboard and extra long battery life they offer an excellent tool for students, supporting learning in many different ways. Students are able to complete extended written work, research, use the built in camera for documenting work, as well as accessing learning tools such as Realsmart, MyMaths, and GCSEpod. Feedback can be offered online via Google docs and classroom and students can increasingly share and collaborate during their work.

All students at the College are offered a Google educational account which gives them access to the range of educational tools such as Google Classroom, docs and forms. These are data protected and secure for student use, and are supported across all platforms and devices. In addition, the College google account can be used to sign into other online tools and all communication can then be filtered through google’s educational email accounts.

Click on the link below to sign up to our one to one scheme:

  • Enter your email
  • Username: CC2018
  • Password: Welcome01
  • Ordering window opens – 7 September 2018
  • Ordering window closes – 7 October 2018 

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