Full Staff List

Staff Roles and Responsibilities 2017-2018

Name Post
David Almond (Mr) Teacher of Maths
Joanne Barnes (Mrs) Teacher of Science
Hannah Beattie (Mrs) Teacher of Music
Alan Bentley (Mr) Teacher i/c A-level Physics and Electronics; Assistant Director of Learning: Y10
Jaco Bezuidenhout (Mr) Subject Leader: KS4 Maths
Mark Blackwell (Mr) Teacher of Humanities
Jonathan Bond (Mr) Assistant Principal: DSL
Susan Boyd (Ms) Senior Teacher: 11-19 Curriculum; Learning Manager for Maths
Hayley Briggs (Mrs) Assistant SENCo
Kirsty Brown (Mrs) Subject Leader: Business
Zoe Brown (Miss) Teacher of Art; Assistant Director of Learning: Year 9
Mary Carter (Mrs) Teacher of Food Technology
Kate Charters (Miss) Teacher of Maths
Martin, Colclough (Mr) Teacher of Geography
Melissa Cooke (Mrs) Teacher of English & Literacy Co-ordinator
Dale Corcoran (Mr) Director of Learning: Year 12; Teacher of PE
Michael Cutler (Mr) Teacher of History
Clare Davies (Mrs) Outreach Manager
Alison Dimbleby (Ms) Teacher of Law & Outreach
Chris Firth (Mr) Teacher of English
Hannah Fleetwood (Miss) Teacher of Science
Jane Gordon (Mrs) Teacher of Health and Social Care; Behaviour Manager: KS4
Dan Gortzak (Mr) Teacher of Maths
Jon Gower (Mr) Subject Leader: KS5 Mathematics
Steve Graham (Mr) Assistant Principal: SAIL and Personal Development
Anna Harrison (Mrs) Director of Learning: KS3; Teacher of PE
Chris Hart (Mr) Teacher of ICT (Relief)
Rachel Heath (Dr) Teacher of Science, BTEC Nominee
Yvonne Herbert (Mrs) Teacher of German
Shaun Hopper (Mr) Subject Leader: PE; SSCo
Hazel Kirk (Mrs) SENCo
Rebecca Kitson (Mrs) Teacher of Science
Kate Mallender (Mrs) Senior Teacher: Progress and Achievement
Geraldine Malone (Ms) Teacher of English & Relief Inreach Teacher
Julie Mastrolonardo (Mrs) Director of Learning: Year 13; Teacher of PE
Mike Mastrolonardo (Mr) Director of Learning: PE and Community Sport
Andy Mitchell (Mr) Director of Learning: Science
Chanda Morgan (Mrs) Teacher of Foundation Learning
Lisa Mussett (Miss) Teacher of Science and PE
Paul Olencewicz (Mr) Teacher of Mathematics
Jess Pasco (Mrs) Teacher of MFL
Elouise Penrose-Stupart (Miss) Teacher of Art
Rebecca Petherick (Miss) Teacher of DT
Keith Prytherch (Mr) Principal
Jane Queenan (Mrs) Assistant Director of Learning: KS3 Science
Vicki Rahn (Mrs) Acting Principal: Teaching and Learning
Jo Raw (Mrs) Teacher of PE; SSCo; Assistant Director of Learning: Year 7 & 8
Hannah Saunders (Miss) Teacher of DT
Andy Sawyer (Mr) Teacher of Science
Louise Sharp (Mrs) Teacher of English
Jen Taylor (Mrs) Director of Learning: Humanities
Sarah Teasdale (Miss) Curriculum and Liaison Manager
Rosie Thomas (Mrs) Teacher of MFL
Lisa Thompson (Miss) Teacher of English
Richard Togwell (Mr) Teacher of Science
Vicki Verrill (Mrs) Director of Learning: Health and Social Care and Sociology; Sixth Form Co-ordinator
Peter Walker (Mr) ICT Co-ordinator (11-19)
Sarah Walker (Miss) Teacher of Science
Jane Wallace (Miss) Teacher of Humanities
Lucy Whelan (Mrs) Director of Learning: English (11-19); Head of KS4 English
Andrew Whelan (Mr) Senior Teacher: Digital Learning (11-19)
Terry Wigglesworth (Mr) Subject Leader: Geography
Chloe Wilson (Miss) Subject Leader: KS3 Mathematics; Assistant Director of Learning: Y11
Kit Wright (Ms) Teacher of Drama; UCAS Coordinator

Support Staff

Name Post
Paula Anscombe (Mrs) Learning Centre Assistant (Part-time)
Jane Balcers (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant (Relief)
Sarah Barnes (Mrs) Examinations Officer
Peter Beeforth (Mr) Senior Cover Supervisor; First Aider
Rebecca Boag (Miss) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Chris Bone (Mr) Pastoral Manager/Head of Year
Lewis Brearley (Mr) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Faye Coaten (Miss) Learning Support Assistant; HLTA
Rachel Coates (Mrs) Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Part-time)
Stephen Cowey (Mr) Caretaker
Jeremy Cox (Mr) Learning Support Assistant
Marie Czapla (Miss) Learning Support Assistant (Relief)
Joe Daley (Mr) Sixth Form Mentor (Relief)
Suzy Daley (Mrs) Art/Display Assistant (Part-time)
Wayne Davies (Mr) Learning Support Assistant
Keith Deason (Mr) Science Technician
Katy Doubtfire (Miss) Cover Supervisor; First Aider
James Gilpin (Mr) Site Manager: Normanby Site; First Aider
Jessica Gowland (Miss) Cover Supervisor; First Aider; HLTA
Frank Hale (Mr) Learning Support Assistant; HLTA
Roger Hartley (Mr) Science Technician (P/T)
Katie Hayton (Miss) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Rebecca Hobbs (Ms) Learning Support Assistant
Terry Hogarth (Mrs) Senior Administrative Assistant: Outreach (P/T)
Sarah Hugill (Ms) Senior Science Technician
Jackie Hunter (Ms) Business Manager
Leah Hunter (Miss) Learning Support Assistant
Louise Hustler (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant (Relief)
Tom Hutchinson (Mr) Network Manager
Emma-Louise Hutton (Miss) Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Alicia Irving (Miss) Learning Support Assistant (Part-time); HLTA; First Aider
Elaine Jackson (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant
Marcus Kelly (Mr) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Liz Kitchingman-Ward (Ms) Learning Support Assistant
Richard Lane (Mr) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Andrea Lindoe (Mrs) Exams Admin Assistant (Part-time)
Trudi Lowe (Mrs) Head of Year 12 and 13; i/c Sixth Form MSAs (Part-time)
Gail Mackle (Mrs) Learning Centre Manager; PHSCE & CEIAG Coordinator
Fiona Middlemas (Mrs) Art and Design Technician + PAT tester; HLTA/Instructor
Samantha Morgan-Baylis (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant
Sally Nedley (Mrs) Senior Administrative Assistant: H&S, Site, Ed Visits, Finance and Governance; Clerk to the Governors
Stuart Mortimer (Mr) IT Technician
Victoria Nightingale (Ms) Attendance Officer
Mike Okroy (Mr) Science Technician; Senior Cover Supervisor
Dave Orton (Mr) Site Manager: Scoresby; First Aider
Mark Parkin (Mr) Senior Technician: Technology + PAT tester; Teacher of DT
Stephanie Parkin (Miss) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Margaret Plant (Mrs) Administrative Assistant: SEN and Attendance (Part-time)
Sophie Playle-Watson (Miss) Learning Support Assistant (Inreach)
Lorraine Pound (Mrs) Receptionist and Lettings Administrator
Katherine Price (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant (Part-time)
Karen Purvis (Mrs) Reprographics and Marketing Manager
Denise Reddy (Miss) Cover Supervisor and KS3 teacher/coach
Julie Render (Mrs) DT Technician (Part-time)
Sue Rigden (Mrs) Senior Administrative Assistant: Reports and Data
Jo Robinson (Mrs) Senior Administrative Assistant: HR, Safeguarding, Transport; First Aider
Julie Roebuck (Mrs) Senior Office Co-ordinator; First Aider (Part-time)
Hayley Ross (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant; First Aider
Michelle Stanley (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant (Relief)
Rachel Taylor (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant (Part-time)
Theresa Trueman (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant
Alison Upton (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant
Tracy Ward (Mrs) Learning Support Assistant; MSA; Exam Invigilator
Paige Webster (Miss) Learning Support Assistant
Connor Wicking (Mr) Learning Mentor (Relief)
Carolyn Wilkinson (Mrs) Finance and Cover Manager
Pam Willis (Mrs) Reprographics and Marketing Assistant (Part-time)
Jack Wilson (Mr) Learning Centre Assistant; Multi-Media Assistant
Adrian Wood (Mr) ICT Technician and PAT Testing Co-ordinator
Dianne Wood (Mrs) Pastoral Manager
Keith Wood (Mr) Caretaker/Groundsman; First Aider
Thomas Wood (Mr) Learning Support Assistant (Relief)
Laura Wooding (Miss) Learning Support Assistant; First Aider
Dave Young (Mr) Senior Cover Supervisor; Educational Visits Coordinator; First Aider