BTEC Level 1/2 Award in Engineering

Are you intrigued by how things work or are made? Can you solve problems and come up with better solutions? Are you excited by new technologies and using them? Do you have a creative yet practical mind? Then engineering could be for you.

Why study Engineering?
Engineers can have a major impact on industry and society. The achievements they make improve the quality of everyday life, from the buildings we live and work in to the transport we use to get around and how we enjoy our leisure time.

A challenging but rewarding career, engineers have the opportunity to make a huge difference. With roles available in almost every industry, engineers have a huge range of career opportunities open to them. Learning to work independently and as a team, furthering maths and science understanding, developing creativity and problem solving skills, studying engineering can make you desirable to any future employee.

This is a great course to lead onto further study and apprenticeships in engineering.

What you will study
The Level 1/2 Award in engineering provides a more practical alternative to GCSE. The qualification is based around the world of engineering and aims to introduce you to the various careers available. You will learn about, materials, design processes, engineering processes and safe use of tools and equipment, while applying your learning to purposeful tasks set in real world contexts. Making fully working products and using new exciting technologies.

How you will be assessed
The qualification is made up of three Units, all of which most be completed:

  • Unit 1: Engineering design – analyse and solve a design problem. (30 hrs guided learning, internally assessed)
  • Unit 2: Producing engineered products – manufacture an engineered product. (60 hrs guided learning, internally assessed)
  • Unit 3: Solving engineering problems – apply your knowledge, understanding and skills (30 hrs guided learning – 90 min exam paper)

“Engineering is a good subject. It allows you to open up your creativity and can lead to lots of very high paid jobs in the future.”