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Health and Social Care

A GCSE Health and Social Care Lesson

A GCSE Health and Social Care Lesson

Staff within the department
Head of Health and Social Care KS4 and KS5 – Victoria Verrill
Teacher of Health and Social Care – Jane Gordon
Teacher of Health and Social Care – Hayley Briggs

GCSE Health & Social Care

About this qualification
This course is designed for learners who have an interest in Health and Social Care and wish to develop skills and learn theory that can prepare them for further study and employment within this sector.

What will learners study?
Learners must complete 3 mandatory units.

Unit 1: Improving the well-being of an individual
Learners will choose a client and carry out a range of testing techniques to measure and evaluate their health and then produce, implement and review a plan that will aim to make lifestyle changes that could improve their health. They will then review and evaluate the impact this plan has had on their chosen client.

Assessment: coursework – 30% of the technical award

Unit 2: Promoting healthy living
In this unit learners will research and evaluate existing health promotion campaigns and then plan and deliver their own health promotion campaign. This involves an element of creativity that learners will enjoy, particularly as they will have the freedom to choose the type of materials they produce, from posters or wall displays in school to promotional videos or radio scripts. At the end, learners will review and evaluate the success of their campaign.

Assessment: coursework – 30% of the technical award

Unit 3: Development through the life stages
Learners will study the fundamentals of health and social care and acquire the underpinning knowledge which will be relevant when considering future careers choices.

The unit covers:

  • the stages and patterns of human growth and development
  • expected development at each life stage
  • life events
  • sources of support/services for life events
  • roles of professionals from the sectors who are involved in supporting life event
  • definitions of health and well-being
  • factors influencing health and well-being

Assessment: external exam – 40% of the technical award

Where Can I Find More Information:
You can contact the College careers staff.

A-level Health & Social Care

A-level Health and Social Care

What will I study?
Have you always wanted to work with people? Does nursing or teaching interest you? Do you want to work in the biggest employment sector in the UK? Do you have good communication skills? Are you a caring individual? Do you get enjoyment from helping others?

What do students do afterwards?
Students have gone onto study a wide range or university courses, ranging from child nursing, midwifery, social work and psychology. 95% of our students go on to study at degree level.

How will I be assessed?
Assessment is a combination of written exams and coursework; 45% exam, 55% coursework.

What can I do to prepare?
Talk to other students who are already doing the course and ask them what they have done or wish they had done. Ask them if they enjoy their learning.

“It has loads of opportunities for work experience. I want to be a primary school teacher, so this course is my pathway to that occupation.” – Alice Hogarth, Y13