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Health and Social Care

Staff within the department
Head of Health and Social Care – Victoria Verrill
Teacher of Health and Social Care – Jane Gordon

Level 2 Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care at Caedmon College Whitby is a successful option subject that covers a variety of topics and enables students to learn from each others experiences.

This is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment, equipping students with a sound, specialist knowledge along with skills for everyday use.

Why study Health and Social Care?
Health and social care is about the development of people across the life stages along with factors that may affect them. It involves real life scenarios that students can relate to and engage with, whilst learning lots about themselves and others. Health and social care is a vocational subject with hands on experience. All students will undertake a week of work experience in a health, social care or early years setting. This is a  unique course requirement within health and social care and provides valuable insight for students into the world of work.

What you will study
The course comprises four units of study, each worth 25% of the total grade.
Unit 21: Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings: this examined unit looks at how practitioners work effectively with others.
Unit 22: Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings: the coursework unit looks at communication in individual and group settings.
Unit 25: Development through the life stages: this unit looks at how an individual develops across each life stage and the factors that can affect their development.
Unit 29: Understanding the nutrients needed for good health: a unit that looks at the importance of diet on an individual’s health and well-being.

How you will be assessed
The course is assessed throughout the three years of study, with three units of coursework being submitted throughout the course. Students can be given two opportunities to sit the exam, as they initially take this at the end of Year 10. This gives flexibility within the course.

Where can the subject lead?
Any career involving the health, social care, education and criminal justice sectors, such as; nursing, physiotherapy, paramedics, midwifery, social worker, prevention workers, elderly social care, teaching assistants, nursery teachers, primary school teachers, police officers, probation workers and firefighters.

“Health and Social Care is very interesting, you learn loads of new things and it is fun and entertaining. However, you have to be prepared to do lots of work.” – Charlotte