A-Level Sociology

A-level Sociology

What will I study?
Do you want to learn about how society functions? Why do men tend to earn more money than women? Why has Britain got a higher rate of teenage pregnancy than other European Countries?
Are we free or do we follow the crowd? How does the society you live in affect your life? If you think these are all interesting questions then sociology, which is the study of society, might be the course for you.

What do students do afterwards?
Sociology students are prepared for entry level positions in health services, non-profit organizations, law, criminal justice, and human resources. Sociology is also excellent preparation for law school and for graduate study, not just in sociology, but also fields such as public health, criminology, public policy, business, public health, social work and education. One sociology graduate even became President of the United States!

How will I be assessed?
100% exam at the end of the course comprising three exams of two hours each.

What can I do to prepare?
Talk to other students who are already doing the course and ask them what they have done or wish they had done. We will give you a full bridging programme when you finish your GCSEs and can help you with any bits you are stuck on.

“Sociology studies different views of life and has given me a better understanding of the society we live in.” – Lauren Hall, Y13