Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Key Stage 3 French/German


  • Skills: Reading, writing, speaking, listening, how to use a dictionary, how to be an independent learner.
  • Knowledge: Learn cultural knowledge about French/German speaking countries. Learn how to communicate by learning language such as different tenses and moods, vocabulary, adjectives, conjugating verbs, connectives and other grammar. Focus on pronunciation and phonetics.
  • Literacy: Big emphasis on spelling, connectives, capital letters and other punctuation in reading and writing such as presentation skills.
  • Numeracy: Students learn numbers by telling the time, saying prices and giving personal information (age and birthday). Crack the code and numeracy starters tasks are varied

Students are assessed in class by their teachers and their peers, and by using self-assessment, in the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Formal exams are taken in Years 7, 8 and 9 to prepare for the new style GCSE exams, which are mostly exam based again.

Extra-curricular Opportunities
Cross curricular visits abroad are organized for all year groups on both sites on a rolling programme.

Who to speak to for further information
Mrs Yvonne Herbert (French and German teacher)
Mrs Rosie Thomas (French teacher KS3)



At Caedmon College all students completing the Baccalaureate should choose a language as an essential option choice.

Four skills are examined; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The course is organised around three themes:

  • identity and culture
  • local, national and international areas of interest
  • current and future study and employment.

Exchange visit
There may be an opportunity to participate in an exchange visit to Chambery in the French Alps

There are four exam papers at the end of the course. Each is 25% of the final grade.
Speaking exam – 15 minutes.
Reading, writing and listening – 45 mins each.

“MFL is good because we have a lot of choice in what we do and many opportunities to expand our learning. Like through language leaders.” – Holly