Design Technology

Design and Technology – Resistant Materials


Over the course of KS3 students engage in design and make projects that are based around different themes, the projects that they create are progressively more challenging.

In Year 7 students create projects that are based around a set theme. Within this they will learn  about the origins and properties of different materials and how to shape and assemble with hand tools/equipment safely and effectively.

Year 8 students will also complete a range of themed based projects, in which they will continue to use hand tools/equipment and will also be introduced to industry techniques such as CAD/CAM upon the creation of their products.

All projects are planned with literacy and numeracy opportunities. Students research, analyse, explain and describe; often orally during group discussion and also in written work. Practical activities incorporate numeracy through calculation, measurement and scaling.

Students receive ongoing feedback to help them improve during discussion and through comments in books. A summative assessment of progress is also made at the end of each project.

Extra-curricular opportunities
The department regularly participates in externally based events and competitions with students enjoying success at both local and regional level. Year 9 students are invited to join the National Design Ventura competition in early September until November. Year 7 and 8 are also able to participate in an product design/electronics club, in which they will be given the opportunity to identify and  demonstrate new and further making skills in Design and Technology.

For further information:
Please contact our technology teacher:
Hannah Saunders, Teacher of Technology

GCSE Design Technology: Product Design

GCSE Product Design

Why study GCSE Product Design?
Design and Technology is purposeful, as well as being fun and exciting!

Studying GCSE Design and Technology will build on what you learnt about designing and making in Key Stage 3. You will use your knowledge and skills to design and make new and better solutions to real problems – on your own and with others – working with a range of materials and manufacturing systems. 

What you will study
As a product design student you will build on the knowledge and skills acquired at KS3, focusing on identifying and solving real life design problems. You will develop your practical skills to make high quality functional products that meet the needs of your target market.

The main topics to develop your knowledge of product design are:

  • developing, planning and communicating ideas
  • product analysis
  • sustainability
  • the work of other designers
  • school and commercial manufacturing processes
  • materials and components
  • tools and equipment
  • manufacturing of a product
  • evaluation and analysis of your work.

How you will be assessed
The course finishes with one, two hour paper which is worth 100 marks and counts as 50% of your final grade in Year 11. The exam paper will be based on the theory which you have learnt throughout your lessons along with some scientific and mathematical skills. You will also be assessed throughout your coursework based on a contextual challenge set by AQA. Your coursework is also worth 100 marks and counts for 50% of your overall grade. 

Where can the subject lead?
GCSE Design and Technology opens the door to a wide range of careers in the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries. It is also excellent preparation for careers in many other fields eg, medicine, law and computer science. Whatever career you choose, the knowledge and skills you learn, particularly those concerned with rapidly developing technologies, will be extremely valuable. You will also develop skills, such as teamwork and time management which are highly prized by employers.

“Design is a funny word. Dome people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”