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Calendar of Meetings

Caedmon College Whitby Governing Body Meetings and Committee Structure


Vice Chair – Resources Committee
Health & Safety; Finance; Personnel

Vice Chair – Improvement Committee
Standards; Curriculum; Self-evaluation; PM

Date Time Venue Meeting and purpose No
Mon 26 Sept 2016 2.00pm Principal’s Office Resources Committee – agenda to include budget monitoring; review of contracts; policies for review, Governor Allowances, Charging and Lettings, Whistleblowing; consider actions required for SFVS; update on capital projects; staffing; health and safety; teachers’ pay review; Principal’s Pay Review – confirmation of date and arrangements 1
Thurs 29 Sept 2016 6.00pm Room H4, Normanby Site Improvement Committee – including review of summer exam results and improvement planning; policies for review; Pupil Premium update on expenditure and impact on student outcomes 1
Tues 18 Oct 2016 6.00pm Room H4, Normanby Site Full Governors – election of Chair and Vice Chair and committee membership/link Governors; review of College improvement plans including the setting of targets/objectives for the year, student data (including exclusions and attendance), Principal’s Report review of headline exam data, review of Governor training sessions and further needs; capital development update 1
Thurs 3 Nov 2016 TBC 3.30pm


Principal’s Office


Principal’s Performance Management Review – Pay Review Committee and appointed consultant to meet for Principal’s Performance Management 1
Thurs 15 Dec 2016 6.00pm Room H4 Update from the Chair and Principal 1
Tues 24 January 2017 6.00pm Room H4 Normanby Site Improvement Committee – review of development plans, school improvement and policies for review – Equal Opportunities, Admissions; curriculum planning considerations 2
February 2017 N/A By email Update from the Chair – to be emailed to all Governors on meetings with the Principal, student progress and any other important updates 2
Mon 27 March 2017 2.00pm Principal’s Office Resources Committee – including Support Staff Pay Review to coincide with awarding of April increments; budget monitoring; review of staffing structure; policies for review – Budget Management and review of contracts/traded services; update on premises, staffing and health & safety 2
Thurs 6 April 2017 6.00pm Room H4 Normanby Site Full Governors – school improvement and review of development plans; receive and review student data; Principal’s Report; approve policies requiring updates 2
Tuesday 9 May 2017 6.00pm Room H4 Normanby Improvement Committee – review of student progress, consideration of Careers and IAG, decisions regarding curriculum plans and timetabling 3
Monday 22 May 2017 2.00pm Principal’s Office Resources Committee – to approve the 2015/16 outturn and 3-year budget; review financial competency of finance personnel and governors (identify any training needs); update on premises, staffing and health & safety 3
Thurs 22 June 2017 6.00pm Room H4 Normanby Site Full Governors – meeting dates and committee structure for new academic year; review of development plans and student data including exclusions and attendance; Principal’s report and update on staffing; self-evaluation of governors’ work against agreed CCW objectives 3

Useful Information

CCW Governor Visits to College Form (PDF)