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Governors’ Minutes

Full Governors’ Minutes

You can download the latest Governors’ minutes from the links below:

Full Governors’ Meeting 17-10-17 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Meeting 22-06-17 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Meeting 06-04-17
Full Governors’ Meeting 06-03-17
Full Governors’ Meeting 12-01-17 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Meeting 5-1-17
Full Governors’ Meeting 6-12-16 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Meeting 18-10-16 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Meeting – 23-6-16 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 21-04-16
Full Governors’ Minutes 24-03-16 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 05-01-16
Full Governors’ Minutes 02-12-15
Full Governors’ Minutes 15-10-15 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 19-08-15 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 25-06-15 (PDF
Full Governors’ Minutes 12-05-15 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 26-03-15 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 06-11-14 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 25-09-14 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 26-6-14 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 19-06-14 (PDF)
Full Governors’ Minutes 3-04-14 (PDF)

25 June 2013 – Full Governors’ minutes Word Doc 40kb

CCW and Eskdale Governors Meetings

CCW and Eskdale Governors Minutes 10-02-16 (PDF)
CCW and Eskdale Governors Minutes 25-02-16 (PDF)
CCW and Eskdale Governors Minutes 03-03-16 (PDF)
CCW and Eskdale Governors Minutes 10-03-16 (PDF)
CCW and Eskdale Governors Minutes 17-03-16 (PDF)

Resources Committee Minutes

You can download the latest Resources Committee minutes from the link below:

Resources Minutes 21-3-16 (PDF)
Resources Minutes 14-12-15
Resources Minutes 21-09-15
Resources Minutes 18-05-15 (PDF)
Resources Minutes 23-03-15 (PDF)
Resources Minutes 8-12-14 (PDF)
Resources Minutes 15-09-14 (PDF)
Resources Minutes 19-05-14 (PDF)

16 September 2013 – Resources Committee minutes Word Doc 100kb

Development Committee Minutes

You can download the latest Development Committee Minutes from the links below:

Development Committee Minutes 28-01-14 (PDF)

1st October, 2013 – Development Committee Minutes Word doc – 93kb

Improvement Committee Minutes

Improvement Committee Minutes 26-06-16 (PDF)
Improvement Committee Minutes 29-09-15
Improvement Committee Minutes 27-01-15 (PDF)
Improvement Committee Minutes 14-10-14 (PDF)