Our Mission: ‘To be the best we can be’ – through excellence, friendship and respect.

“We believe passionately that education can transform lives.”

  • Caedmon College Whitby provides a happy, caring and secure environment for teaching and learning where the highest priority is given to the love of learning, the pursuit of academic excellence and helping students to achieve more than they thought they could.
  • Our vision of education in the 21st century encompasses a breadth of personalised, authentic learning opportunities. These include sporting, creative and cultural opportunities that motivate students to succeed both now and in the future and also to take pride in their college and enable them to flourish as individuals in the rapidly changing global and digital world.
  • Throughout their time at the College, we will provide our students with an engaging and supportive environment that promotes self-respect, mutual respect and friendship for others.
  • We actively promote positive collaboration and partnership between all members of the College community including students, parents/carers, staff and governors, as well as all other local stakeholders.

Our Curriculum Mission Statement

  • We provide a personalised learning experience through our innovative curriculum and exceptional learning community.
  • We build the foundation of this through positive, meaningful relationships, visible and engaging learning, and a continual learning dialogue.
  • We challenge ourselves with high aspirations and adventurous learning opportunities in order to exceed our potential.
  • We build lifelong learners who are confident, caring, adaptable, responsible, determined and self-reliant. We want students to have the attributes and skills necessary for future success in a rapidly changing global and digital world, including curiosity, interdependence, creativity, oracy, a growth mindset, critical thinking and collaboration.

To achieve this we will:

Encourage individual excellence within a caring community by:

  • placing the student’s personal development and well-being at the heart of everything we do
  • recognising that all learners are different and learn in different ways and at different rates, through the promotion of equality of access, opportunity and entitlement
  • celebrating and valuing the achievements of all members of the College.

Prepare students to meet the challenges of a diverse and rapidly developing global economy by:

  • developing students’ understanding of the nature of international society in the new millennium
  • ensuring that students can communicate effectively and are literate, numerate and digitally fluent
  • developing in each student the skills and motivation to embrace a lifelong love of learning and be responsible, active citizens in our rapidly changing world.

Ensure that students have the confidence and resilience to shape their role in a multicultural society by:

  • giving students opportunities to work together in order to encourage tolerance of and respect for others
  • developing students’ self-awareness, self-reliance and the self-discipline to manage their own learning goals
  • promoting opportunities for every student and raising aspirations.