Parents of Year 11

Half Term Revision Sessions

Monday 12 February – Normanby site

  • General Revision in LC
  • Subject Specific sessions; Science, Food, Maths

Tuesday 13 February – Normanby site

  • General Revision in LC
  • Subject Specific sessions; Food, Art

All sessions run from 9.00am to 12.00pm. Any student attending must sign into and out of the Learning Centre on arrival. Those students attending subject specific session will meet the member of staff at 9.00am and be escorted to the room they are using.

Please can parents be aware that there is limited staff on site, and all students are travelling under their parents supervision. Please ensure you have a way to contact your son/daughter should the need arise.

Trial Exams

Monday 26.02.18 AM Trial Maths P1 1h 30m SPH
Monday 26.02.18 PM Trial Science P1 1h 15m SPH
Tuesday 27.02.18 AM Trial Eng Lang 1h 30m SPH & HALL
Tuesday 27.02.18 PM Trial Science P2 1h 15m SPH
Wednesday 28.02.18 AM Trial Eng Lit 1h 30m SPH & HALL
Wednesday 28.02.18 PM Trial Science P3 1h 15m SPH
Thursday 01.03.18 AM Trial Maths P2 1h 30m SPH
Thursday 01.03.18 PM Trial Electronics 1h 15m SPH
Friday 02.03.18 AM Trial History 1h 30m SPH
Monday 05.03.18 AM Trial Geography 1h 30m HALL
Monday 05.03.18 PM Trial Food & Nutrition 1h 15m HALL
Tuesday 06.03.18 AM Trial Health & Social 1h 30m HALL
Tuesday 06.03.18 PM Trial Music 1h 15m HALL
Wednesday 07.03.18 AM Trial German 1h 30m HALL
Wednesday 07.03.18 PM Trial Sport 1h 15m HALL
Thursday 08.03.18 AM Trial Computer Science 1h 30m HALL
Thursday 08.03.18 PM Trial DT 1h 15m HALL
Friday 09.03.18 AM Trial RS 1h 30m HALL

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