Applied Maths

What will I study?

The main content of the course is financial studies and statistical thinking. There are other chapters on such topics as estimation and critical path analysis. These topics are aiming at building problem solving skills to take with you in your career. The emphasis in the course is on building problem solving skills in everyday work situations. This is a level 3 course and the grades are equivalent to an AS qualification.

What do students do afterwards?

In recent years, our maths students have gone on to study a wide variety of subjects including science and engineering courses but also music, art and nursing. We’ve also had students entering degrees in law and business or apprenticeships. Maths is highly regarded by employers and this course is worth pursuing for the problem solving skills that are used throughout and highly sought in competitive job interviews.

How will I be assessed?

100% by two written exam papers at the end of the course.

What can I do to prepare?

Look for everyday mathematics in the world around you. Read newspaper articles and think about the problems people solve at work. Such as: if I was too build my own house. What’s the best way to organise all the jobs that need to be done? If I want to estimate how many dentists a large city like Newcastle has. How would I go about it?