Modern Foreign Languages

What will I study?

You’ll learn the French or German language and discover its culture – from media, popular culture and social issues, to sport, leisure and family life, to science technology and the environment. Our specialist language teachers will support you to develop the skills you need to master your chosen language.

What do students do afterwards?

You can go on to study French/German at university and find work in teaching, translating, travel and tourism or any one of the many sectors in business. Employers in every industry value linguistic skills. So combining an A-level language with a subject such as business, law or history, to name a few, will give you much more choice when it comes to choosing your career.

“For me personally, German A-level was a big step up from the GCSE, but really enjoyable too. Our group visited Berlin with Frau Herbert, which helped hugely with the vocabulary and fluency, it was great to hear everyone talking German all the time, it made us have to do it! This A-level has enabled me to be successful in applying to York University to study a BSc in Maths with a year in Germany.” – Charlotte Robinson