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Exam Guidance

JCQ ‘information for candidates’ link

Information for candidates – Using social media and examinations/assessments [PDF]

Exam Information Booklet 2018 [PDF]

Results Explained 2018 [PDF]

OFQUAL Results Information [PDF]

From To Type Details Venue
05.11.18 12.11.18 GCSE Re-sits HALL
12.11.18 23.11.18 TRIAL Y13 – full HALL/H6/H9
03.12.18 14.12.18 TRIAL Y11 – full SPH/H9
07.01.19 11.01.19 CiDA Exam Window M1
08.01.19 09.01.19 Window 31588H Business
09.01.19 External Exam AM Health & Social Unit 2
09.01.19 Window 20168K     Law
10.01.19 11.01.19 Window 31489H  Business
11.01.19 External Exam AM R021 Health & Social
11.01.19 External Exam PM Health & Social  Unit 3
14.01.19 External Exam AM Health & Social Unit 6
14.01.19 Window 21405J     Sport
15.01.19 External Exam PM Health & Social  Unit 4
17.01.19 External Exam AM Health & Social Unit 7
18.01.19 External Exam AM 31524H  Sport
18.02.19 22.02.19 TRIAL Y11  B SPH/HALL
June BTEC L3 Windows
June Business HALL/H6
June History HALL/H6
June Sport HALL/H6
GCE & GCSE Art Exams – tbc Art Dept
13.05.19 17.05.19 CiDA Exam Window M1
13.05.19 26.06.19 GCE & GCSE Summer Exams SPH & HALL
17.06.19 28.06.19 TRIAL Y12  B HALL/H6

Exam Procedures

  • exams will be sat in the Sports Hall at named desks (unless other arrangements have been made, in which case a member of staff will have spoken to you)
  • you must line up outside the exam venue and wait quietly
  • as soon as you enter the exam room you are under examination conditions, this means no talking
  • no bags or coats are allowed in the exam room
  • no phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the exam room
  • make sure you have all of your equipment ready
  • when you finish your exam you must continue to wait in silence.

External Exam Start Times:

  • AM exams – 9.00 students should report straight to the exam hall
  • PM exams – 1.30 students should report straight to the exam hall

Trial Exam Start Times:

  • AM exams – 8.55 students should report straight to the exam hall
  • PM exams – 1.45 students should report straight to the exam hall

Please note: Students arriving by train should, on arrival at College, place their coats, bags and mobile phones in their lockers and go straight to their exam venue


Students should bring the correct equipment to all exams

  • Black pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Calculator (when required)

Bags are not allowed in the exam hall.
Mobile Phones, Smartwatches, ipods, MP3/4 players etc. are not allowed in the exam hall.

We will do everything we can to make this a stress free experience. You can help yourself by understanding the following:

Uniform must be worn for all exams (KS3/4).

Before Exam
Check the seating plan for your seat before arriving at the exam. These are always displayed in S block and outside the exam venue in advance.

Arriving at the Exam Venue
Please arrive at your exam venue 10 minutes before the start time of the exam.
You must wait quietly outside the exam venue until told to enter by an invigilator.

Entering the Exam Venue
When you enter the exam venue you must remain silent. You will be directed to your desk where you will find your own candidate card which has your name, candidate number and the exam you are taking on. You will need this information when completing the front page of your examination paper. You must write your name on the front of your exam paper exactly as it is written on your candidate card.

You will receive your own individual timetable showing the date and time of your exams, your seat number and exam venue. KEEP IT SAFE. A copy of the College exam timetable can be found above.

Going to the wrong exam venue can be very stressful. Avoid this by checking where your exam is due to take place the night before.

If you are absent on the day of an examination telephone the College as soon as possible. You will need an official ‘Doctors Note’ otherwise you will have to pay the examination fees. Resit exams will not be available, therefore if you miss an exam your overall mark will be affected.

It is your responsibility to come to your exam with the correct equipment. You MUST use a BLACK ink pen (gel pens are not allowed). Exam stationery packs cost £1.10 (containing; 3 x black pens, 2 x pencils, 1 x 6” ruler, 1 x eraser, 1 x  sharpener, 1 x clear plastic pencil case) and scientific calculator cost £8.20 are available now from the main office. Do not bring your pencil case in to the exam unless it is totally see-through.

Mobile Phones, Smartwatches, ipods, MP3/4 players etc.
Any equipment with an electronic communication/storage device or digital facility is expressly forbidden. If you accidentally bring any of these items to an exam, make sure they are turned off and hand them to an invigilator. Items are left at the owners risk, the College accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to items handed in.
Due to changes in JCQ guidelines, students will now be required to remove any watches, bracelets and charity bands and place them on their desk, in clear view of the invigilators. If these items are valuable we recommend that students leave them at home on the day of their exam.

Exam Conduct
Only the highest standard of behaviour is tolerated in the examination venues. Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the examination venue and zero marks being awarded in some circumstances.
Communication in any form and in any way with other candidates is strictly forbidden. Inappropriate language, words, phrases or comments written on exam papers may also result in zero marks being awarded in some circumstances.

Water is vital to an efficient working brain. Bring some to your exam but only in a CLEAR unlabelled bottle.

New Linear Rules for GCSEs
All units must now be taken at the end of the course. Examinations are only available in the summer on the timetabled day and time. If a student misses one unit they will not get their predicted grade.

Social Media
We all like to share our experiences when taking examinations. However, it is important to consider what you say. Your comments may lead to an investigation for malpractice and result in the application of a penalty.
Awarding bodies monitor social media and websites. They do not wish to see candidates jeopardise their marks or grades as there are significant consequences for anyone caught breaching the rules for examinations, controlled assessment or coursework.

Hints and Tips for Revising

  • never leave revision to the last minute
  • find yourself a quiet place to revise where there will be no distractions
  • write yourself good revision notes
  • test yourself on old examination papers
  • ask your teacher for help if you are finding a particular topic difficult
  • plan your revision carefully
  • don’t try to do too much at once. Take a break from time to time in each revision period
  • revision guides are available from the Main Office (Normanby Site).
  • remember – stay calm!!

Good Luck.

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