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Physical Education

Rugby at Caedmon College Whitby

Rugby at Caedmon College Whitby

Physical Education at Caedmon College Whitby delivers a broad and balanced curriculum, which encourages and allows students to fulfill their potential. All students through PE and School Sport will begin to understand the benefit of leading a healthy and physically active lifestyle, along with the importance of  developing personal skills such as teamwork and communication.

With the excellent facilities available at Caedmon College Whitby we are able to offer a wide and interesting curriculum which includes activities from the traditional school sporting activities such as  football and netball, to activities such as ultimate frisbee and mountain biking.

Students who show outstanding ability and talent are encouraged to express these talents by being given the opportunity of representing College, District, County and even National levels of school sport.

Students in Year 9 are also offered the opportunity to undertake the Level 1 Sports Leader Award. Students learn essential life skills throughout this course.

At Caedmon College Whitby we believe extra-curricular opportunities are essential and we offer a range of sporting clubs, along with competitive fixtures on a lunch time, after school and on a weekend. We also have a very well equipped supervised fitness suite that students can use both on a lunchtime and after College. Students also have the opportunity to attend trips to Bewerley Park, our sports tour to Holland and the College ski trip.

Our dedicated PE department are committed to helping students lead a healthy and active life and promote key values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. Physical Education plays an invaluable role in student’s physical, mental and social development. Within PE at Caedmon College Whitby we encourage all our students to be the best that they can be.

GCSE PE and BTEC Sport Kit for Caedmon College Whitby

GCSE Physical Education

What will you be learning?
Studying physical education will open your eyes to the amazing world of sports performance. Not only will you have the chance to perform in three different sports through the non-exam assessment component, you will also develop wide ranging knowledge into the how and why of physical activity and sport. The combination of the physical performance and academic challenge provides an exciting opportunity for students. You can perform, and then through the academic study learn how to improve your performance through application of the theory. Physical education is learned about through a range of different contexts and the impact it has on both ours and other’s everyday lives. You will learn the reasons why we do things, why some people out perform others, mentally and physically. You will also delve into the ethical considerations behind the use of drugs and also gain an understanding of the consequences of inactivity and poor diet.

40% Practical (one individual activity, one team activity and the third can be either team or individual); 60% Final written examinations at end of Year 11. Two papers will be taken

  1. Applied anatomy and physiology and physical training.
  2. Socio-cultural influences sports psychology health, fitness and well-being.

The course is more suited to students with good practical ability AND good English and Science knowledge. Students should have represented College regularly in at least one sport before opting for this course. They should be keen to pursue a sport outside of College too.

Where can GCSE Physical Education take me?
GCSE physical education is not just an excellent base for the A-level in physical education or BTEC Level 3 sport, it can take you much further. For those of you fascinated by the human mind, why not carry on to psychology? For people into the why of the human race this carries you through to sociology. This is also an excellent additional qualification for those undertaking the sciences with the intention to move through into medicine or physiotherapy routes.

“PE is great fun, it keeps you fit and gets you out in the fresh air.”

BTEC Level 1/2 Award in Sport

What will you be learning?
The course is aimed at students who are interested in or who wish to pursue a likely career within the sports industry ie, sports coach, physiotherapist, nutritionist, PE teacher, lecturer, fitness instructor etc. The course is designed to build on learning from Key Stage 3 Physical Education and is equivalent to one GCSE.

At the centre of the course is ‘sport performance’ and all the theoretical work is focused towards understanding and improving sport performance.

To gain this qualification you will be required to study sport theory in great depth covering areas such as:

  • Fitness for Sport and Exercise
  • Practical Sports Performance
  • The Mind and Sports Performance

The BTEC Award is at least 75% coursework internally assessed with a maximum of 25% external assessment in the form of an ‘on screen test’ involving multiple choice questions, short answer questions and extended writing questions and video animation.

The course does have some practical elements to it and some of the theory areas will be taught in a practical way. At this stage it is envisaged that one out of the three allocated lessons per week will be practically based.

Although there is a predominance of coursework, BTEC Sport is better for those students more suited to coursework rather than working towards final exams where much is dependent (ie, GCSE PE/Sports Studies have to revise two years worth of work for two exams at the end of Year 11).

BTEC Sport