A-level Biology

A-level Biology

What will I study?
You will explore biology in a hands-on way and discover how all living creatures interact in an eco-system. You will cover topics exploring how cells, DNA and gametes make us what we are, to the structure and function of the heart. The course is delivered by experienced staff who have a real passion for the subject and want to ensure that you succeed.

What do students do afterwards?
You might choose to move on to study a related science degree at university, with a view to securing a job in medicine, child care or research, among others. Other former students have pursued careers in nursing, dentistry and biochemistry, as well as more diverse careers like accountancy.

How will I be assessed?
100% exam at the end of the course. 

What can I do to prepare?
Talk to your peers and relatives who have studied biology at the College recently, or come and speak to any of the science team – we are happy to help.

“It’s really interesting to learn about what makes you, you.” – Kate Chapman, Y13