A-level Chemistry

A-level Chemistry

What will I study?
I wanted to start this section with a joke; but all the good ones Argon! If you sniggered to yourself, then you are the candidate for us. Chemistry is the science of materials, from the simple covalent molecules in the air to the oil-derived polymers in your phones and tablets – we cover it all. You will supplement your learning with a rigorous series of practical investigations, leaving you ready for a future career in science – or any other vocation where being methodical and organised is important.

What do students do afterwards?
In recent years, our students have taken places at top universities to study medicine, veterinary, engineering, as well as chemistry and material science courses. An A-level in chemistry is well regarded by employers too, as it shows you have the commitment to succeed on a challenging course, and a great capacity to learn.

How will I be assessed?
100% exam at the end of the course.

What can I do to prepare?
Talk to other students who are already doing chemistry. If you currently study combined science, it’s not a problem, it’s been done many times before. If you are worried about it, get in touch with the science department.

“It’s academically challenging but rewarding when everything makes sense in the end.” – Charlotte Warrick, Y13