A-level Chemistry

AS Level

What will you be learning?
Topics covered via theory and practical work:

  • Elements of Life
  • Developing Fuels
  • Elements from the Sea
  • The Ozone Story
  • What’s in a medicine

The AS Chemistry course provides an excellent opportunity for deepening chemical knowledge, essential in todays fast moving, technologically orientated industry.

What other learning could you do:
You could take this course to complement other advanced level courses such as Biology or to prepare for the A2 part of an Advanced GCE in Chemistry, which could lead onto higher education in science related subjects or more general higher education courses.
With further training, you could go into a job related to Chemistry or one of the other sciences such as a Doctor, Nurse, Scientist or Pharmacist.
You could also go straight into a job as the AS GCE is a recognised qualification that will help you to develop the basic skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across lots of industries are looking for.

Assessment Method:
Two Papers, each 90 minutes.
All students will sit the AS exams, and receive a grade. This is a standalone qualification. If they choose to continue studying chemistry at A2, the AS grade is replaced by the A2 grade.

A2 Level

What will you be learning?
Chemistry aims to help students to apply chemical knowledge in a modern context, rather than simply learn the facts and theory.
Activities include a range of practical and theoretical investigations. Chemistry is worth studying for its vocational, social, environmental and economic importance.

Topics covered include:

  • The Chemical Industry
  • Polymers and life
  • Colour by Design
  • The Oceans
  • Developing metals

What other learning could you do:
Chemistry can help, both in academic preparation and as a means of obtaining university entrance points, not only in Pure Chemistry but in many other courses including Industrial Chemistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Teaching, the food industry, Medicine, Biochemistry, Material Sciences, Biology, Geography, Chemical Engineering, Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

What career options do you have?
Chemistry is a well-respected Science that can be a route into many professions.

Assessment Method:
Three Papers, each 120 minutes.
Students who sit the A2 exam will receive a grade based only on the outcome of these exams, ignoring the grade they received at AS.
The A2 also has a ‘Practical Endorsement’ which will give an indication of the candidate’s practical competency. This is reported separately to the A2 grade, which is based solely on the three examinations.